The Worlds of STAR WARS and More as Architectural Renderings

When if comes to figuring out where to live, an architect can bring your vision to life. Models and sketches help you envision how many bathrooms you want, what kind of kitchen, whether you want to be under the water of Lake Paonga on Naboo… you get the picture. Artist’s renderings take you from concept to reality, which is why these hand-drawn images of sci-fi’s most famous locales feel so realistic. In the Star Wars universe, you’ll see Cloud City, Jabba’s Palace, and Maz Kanata’s Castle are

Craft Your Own Pokémon Pompoms with This DIY Book

The new officially licensed craft book features dozens of patterns to create fluffy pompoms of your favorite Pokémon characters. Pikachu and a puffy Pokéball are a must, of course, but there are also patterns for other fan favorites, from Charmander to Snorlax. Who hasn’t dreamed of catching their own Eevee and keeping it in their pocket? Now you can easily craft your own, no battling necessary. As any good trainer knows, there are so many more Pokémon out there so you’ll also find tutorials f

Fans Create WRECK-IT RALPH 2 Fan Art Inspired By Casual Disney Princesses

The princess slumber party was so inspiring that within the first few hours of its release, fans started creating fan art and cosplay based solely on that one image. Check out these fan tributes to the laid back versions of Disney’s iconic princesses. No doubt, once Disney starts selling these casual princess outfits, they’ll be flying off the shelves. Snow White looks super hip and comfy, and ready for her long nap in a glass coffin. Everything about this makes me happy. From the colors, to t

Hello Kitty Converse Shoes Will Give You Happy Feet

Converse Chuck Taylors are already the epitome of cool. They’re retro hip, subtle yet stylish, and they’re comfortable too! Dressed up or casual, the shoes are an iconic nod to fashion. To make an already world renowned shoe even more recognizable would seem impossible, but adding Hello Kitty to the equation lifts the status to the stratosphere. It seems everyone’s favorite cat is just about everywhere nowadays, and the collaborations only seem to get better. Now Sanrio and Converse have teame

12 Sloth-Inspired Sweets for a Lazy Afternoon

Some days you just want to channel your inner sloth and retreat into a sleepy, sloth-like state. Keep it slow, keep it calm. There’s something magical about the luxuriously lackadaisical sloth state of mind. The makers of these sloth treats are anything but lazy. The amount of time and energy put into these cute confections is enough to lull you into a daze, but their adorableness is too much to ignore. Take a look at some of these fun sloth-inspired sweets, then channel your inner sloth and go

Accessories For Literature Lovers Look Like Real Books

Books within film are also represented, like Beetlejuice’s “The Handbook for the Recently Deceased” and “Advanced Potion Making” from Harry Potter. Carrying around that cover would definitely make you stand out from the rest of the Muggles. If you’d rather show off your book pride with more vigor, there are also messenger bags available. I assume you can fill the book-resembling bag with even more books, to your heart’s content. Made from PU leather, these bags are large and are truly made to s

LITTLE MERMAID, TANGLED, and More Classic Disney Couples Pins Are Adorable Odes to Love

Paradigm pairings like Cinderella and Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip, Herc and Megara, Little Mermaid’s Ariel and Eric, and more are all featured lovingly staring into each other’s eyes, ready to take on a whole new world. All the pins are custom digitally designed images, handmade with shrink film and then glazed with a clear resin to give a nice shiny coat. These are the perfect Disney flair for a day in the parks. Classic pairings also means critter companions like Lady

Get This Bonkers Ice Cream Cone On National Ice Cream Day

It may seem like there’s a different food holiday to celebrate every other day and while most are absurd, I assure you July 15th will be a day to remember. National Ice Cream Day takes place the third Sunday in July and is a day to celebrate the glory of everyone’s favorite frozen treat. Ice cream enthusiasts such as myself will note that every day is technically ice cream day, but on this particular summer day, many shops around the country roll out the big guns in celebration. Afters Ice Cre

These Chocolate Bars Taste Like Donuts, Avocado Toast, and More!

The smell of the cocoa, the creaminess of the candy! Now imagine if Wonka had leaned into his artisanal tendencies and added locally sourced ingredients with a millennial twist! Honestly, it’s the perfect mash-up. Compartés chocolates are gourmet versions of childhood treats. Not only are they beautifully packaged, but the candy inside is just as visually stunning. Made from scratch by hand by a small team of chocolatiers and chocolate artists, they elevate chocolate by using fresh ingredients f

Now HARRY POTTER Fans Can Get Magical Scoops of Butterbeer Ice Cream

As unique as your sorted Hogwarts house, every Harry Potter fan is different in what they’d like to see come to life from the Wizarding World. For some it’s casting spells, others would like to play a rollicking match of Quidditch, but for me it has always been butterbeer. The “less-sickly butterscotch” with a foamy top was something that sounded intriguing and delicious, and at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, eating as much butterbeer-flavored items in one day as possible was a

Care Bears x Pusheen Collaboration Achieves Peak Cuteness

When you’re feeling down, a cute outfit or a squeeze from a cuddly friend is a good way to cheer up. Now you can have both, as the healing power of the Care Bears has joined forces with snuggly Pusheen the cat to form a Voltron-like cuddlefest of love. Creating what’s known as the CareSheen Collection, the two adorable brands have teamed up for a limited edition, exclusive line of clothing. Nostalgic fans will recognize pastel versions of Care Bears Cheer, Grumpy, Bedtime, Funshine, and Share B

JURASSIC WORLD Won’t Have A Bacon Volcano But This Salad Does

God creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man. A bacon volcano rules the earth. I’m pretty sure that’s the history of the universe in a nutshell. We’ve made it a reality with this robust salad tribute to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and all of the classic Jurassic Park films. Our scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should, but when it comes to bacon, it’s always a yes. This Cobb Salad is filled with healthy greens, veggies, and even

Layered Bologna Cake Is the Cruelest Trick

Frosted layered cake. Just thinking about those three words brings excitement and joy to many a person’s tastebuds. But what if the “frosting” was ranch dressing and the “cake” was bologna? This may seem like a cruel trick, but it’s a very real recipe and one we’re not sure we’re willing to try. Best Bites‘ Facebook page has put up a 60-second video dedicated to this devastating deception. Had you not read the description you might be fooled! It starts out with a bowl of cream cheese and ranch

Get Ready for INCREDIBLES 2 with an Incr-edibles Appetizer Party

It’s been 14 years since we saw Disney Pixar‘s super family on the big screen in The Incredibles. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl and their children Violet, Dash, and baby Jack-Jack are back in Incredibles 2, in theaters on June 15, and they haven’t aged a day–they’re animated, so that makes sense. A return to crime-fighting requires a celebration, and this crew deserves the best: a feast of Incr-edibles appetizers! Throw together some of Dash’s speedy snack mix, see your way through some Invisig

Magical Moving Disney Pins Will Make Your Day

Pin collecting has stepped up its game. Currently on trend, enamel pins adorn jackets and bags but it’s the most eye-catching pins that will capture oohs and aahs from fellow pin fanatics. At the Disney Parks you’ll find the most devoted of pin collectors, showing off their favorite rides, characters, and more. Grape Soda Club has reached next level with their newest Disney-inspired pin collection—not only are they colorful, but they have the added attraction of motion! Nothing like a little in

Dress Your Fingertips in Jeff Goldblum Nail Art

Nail art allows fans to explore their own personal artistry with beautiful colors as well as horrifying things that should never be seen on your fingers. While not everyone has the money or talent to create over-the-top nail creations, water slides allow you to make your nail sparkle in unique and affordable ways. You can find almost any kind of slides available online, but the pinnacle of all nail tributes has to be this Jeff Goldblum-inspired set. That soothing voice! That perfect hair! Jeff

This Dad Makes Amazing Disney and STAR WARS Bento Box Lunches

Getting kids to eat their food can be a struggle, but when their lunches are a feast for the eyes, it’s easier to get them excited about mealtime. Instagram has given observers a look into people’s creative sides, and that means seeing how inventive parents make edible art. Beau Coffron shows off his art skills by making delightful dishes for his kids and posting them at lunchboxdad. His creations reflect his children’s love of Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, and characters from Star War

13 Creepy Treats to Make Your Halloween Party Extra Spooky

It’s finally October and that means we can pull out all the stops to celebrate Nerdoween! Halloween brings out the best in creativity when it comes to food and the spoopiest holiday of the year deserves to be celebrated with over-the-top treats. From sweet to sickening, check out 13 of our favorite weirdly wonderful treats to help take your Halloween party to the next level. “It”, the horror clown is back! It’s one of the scariest movie of Stephen King’s. #horrorclown #killerclown #it #stephenk

Lisa Frank Debit Cards are Here to Turn Your Wallet into a Technicolor Dreamscape

If you’re all about living that unicorn life but don’t know how to pay for it, forget about cash—it’s simply not sparkly and special enough—you need a rainbow prepaid debit card. Because everything, frankly, should be a multicolor visual assault on your eyeballs, which is probably the exact reason Lisa Frank is now making prepaid debit cards.You certainly can’t miss them, emblazoned with peak Lisa Frank images these cards will definitely stand out inside your wallet. Brightly colored—heav

The Cruelty of Nature is Extra Cute in this Adult Coloring Book

One of my favorite jokes on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise is when the skipper says the lions are protecting the sleeping zebra. Sure the zebra just happens to be bleeding out, but you know—details. No matter how you sugar coat it, the fact is it’s the circle of life—and animals have to eat too. To shine a spotlight on the predator’s role in the animal kingdom, illustrator Alex Solis has created a series of drawings sure to not only delight, but creep you out as well. Adorable Circle of Li
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